Saturday, February 2, 2008

Regarding Chapter 2 / lab 14

As I look through the modules, I am finding that having the PP presentations available for repeated reviews is really helping me better organize the abundance of information relavent to this course. Some terms seem to be very synonomous with only slight variations in their meaning An example would be a data model's two components - coordinate data, geometry, spatial - non-spatial, attribute data, entities - all referring one to the other. I think I will make concept maps to organize the main terms. I truly want to understand want I am doing, not just point and click stuff. I have tried repeatedly to get the ESRI lecture to run on my C but no luck yet. I did read through the PP slides for the lecture and that did help some.

I ran through the lab ex. for 14 again and it helped immensely to understand what I had completed the first time around. The GIS Fun. chapter reading really helped solidify things also.

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