Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chp. 13 and 19 journal notes

Both labs, 13 and 19, were enjoyable. Chp. 19 practice laying out a map and adding features felt familiar due to my work with publishing software. I quickly realized how easy it is to make a map look professional. I am playing with the chp. 19 map to use some of the other features not used in the lab just to see more of this software's amazing ablities. In Chp. 13, and in class on Wed., Feb. 6, exploring all the different projections was really eye opening. With all the options available, and the software's ability to "know the equations forward and backward for hundreds of projections", really drives home the mathematical underpinnings of this software and the vast number of options afforded to a user. I understand why one needs numerous courses just to scratch the surface of potential.

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